All-glass hinged door
FULLY hinged cage 01FULLY hinged cage 01
Safety glassSafety glass
safety glass
Tempered glass ESGTempered glass ESG
tempered glass esg
ESG frosted glassESG frosted glass
frosted glass esg
VSG opal glassVSG opal glass
milk glass vsg
Tinted glassTinted glass
tinted glass

All-glass hinged door

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Hinged all-glass doors are a timeless solution that will give a unique character to any interior. Their minimalist form perfectly suits not only office interiors but also commercial or residential spaces.

Thanks to the appropriate balancing of the door and the use of a proven fitting system, the door wing moves extremely smoothly and easily despite the sometimes very large glass surface.

The hinged door system is based on high quality glass in various finishes and selected steel fittings. The wing can be mounted by means of a hinge both to a recess in a monolithic wall and to all-glass walls. The door may also have a fanlight mounted to it by means of steel fittings. The doors are available in single and double wing versions.

Possible configurations - single or double door:

  • in the recess
  • in the glass wall
  • with fanlight

Material: anodized stainless steel

Safety glass

glass with a total thickness of 6 mm to 10 mm consisting of two panes of glass glued bilaterally to the film. Thanks to it, the glass remains glued to the foil after breaking without causing dangerous splintering.

Tempered glass

glass with a thickness of 6mm to 10mm subjected to thermal processes (toughening), which strengthen the internal structure of the glass. Such glass is especially used for larger glass surfaces. When the glass breaks, it breaks into tiny, blunt-edged pieces. There is also an option of toughened safety glass, it guarantees additional safety in the event of glass breakage.

VSG opal glass

glass with a thickness of 6 mm to 10 mm. A white film of light transparency placed between two panes of this glass gives the glass a milky colour.

ESG frosted glass

Glass with a thickness of 6mm to 10mm, subjected to the sandblasting process on one side. As a result, the glass is less translucent and causes a blurring effect.

Tinted glass

6mm to 10mm thick tinted glass. As a result, this glass transmits less light providing a subtle visual barrier.

The maximum dimensions of the module: 100 x 300 cm

In case of projects exceeding the indicated border dimensions, please contact us and we will try to adjust the system capabilities to your expectations.

All door handles and pull handles dedicated to all-glass solutions from manufacturers such as CGlass, CDA, Geze and Dormakaba are compatible with the presented product.

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all-glass buildings
all-glass buildings
all-glass buildings

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