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Loft walls

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The loft wall system combines simplicity and functionality. The system offers a wide range of products with dimensions tailored to your needs. Each wall project can have a completely different character and style thanks to the possibility of using different glass fillings and dividing options with muntins.

The walls look great in combination with any door from the loft glazing series.

The loft wall system is made of a solid steel frame and glass filling. The walls are mounted directly to the floor and ceiling with mounting pins. The walls are compatible with all loft glazing doors.

Possible configurations:

  • with fanlight
  • as a side panel by the door


hot rolled steel

Protective Coating:

zinc primer


powder varnish

black RAL 9005, white RAL 9003, other RAL color


hot rolled steel


powder varnish

black RAL 9005, white RAL 9003, other RAL color

Two types of muntin bars are available:

Safety glass

glass with a total thickness of 6 mm to 10 mm consisting of two panes of glass glued bilaterally to the film. Thanks to it, the glass remains glued to the foil after breaking without causing dangerous splintering.

Tempered glass

glass with a thickness of 6mm to 10mm subjected to thermal processes (toughening), which strengthen the internal structure of the glass. Such glass is especially used for larger glass surfaces. When the glass breaks, it breaks into tiny, blunt-edged pieces. There is also an option of toughened safety glass, it guarantees additional safety in the event of glass breakage.

VSG opal glass

glass with a thickness of 6 mm to 10 mm. A white film of light transparency placed between two panes of this glass gives the glass a milky colour.

ESG frosted glass

Glass with a thickness of 6mm to 10mm, subjected to the sandblasting process on one side. As a result, the glass is less translucent and causes a blurring effect.

Tinted glass

6mm to 10mm thick tinted glass. As a result, this glass transmits less light providing a subtle visual barrier.

Grooved glass

8mm thick decorative glass. Its surface is covered with linear indentations causing an interesting effect of reflecting light and blurring the image.

Wired glass

6mm thick glass produced by rolling. Inside its structure, a steel mesh is embedded, which strengthens the glass structure, preventing it from breaking into pieces in the event of a crack.

Maximum module dimensions: 120 x 320 cm

In case of projects exceeding the indicated border dimensions, please contact us and we will try to adjust the system capabilities to your expectations.

The system has the option of ordering the following muntin bar divisions:

interior scianki level 03 rd 2



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