Aluminum glass system
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Aluminum glass system

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Aluminium glass system is a window and door system designed for use where there is no need for a thermal barrier. These solutions are perfect for, among others, office spaces. These solutions are perfect for, among others, office, commercial and gastronomic spaces.

The wide range of products in this series allows the creation of various configurations tailored to individual needs. The system is based on aluminum profiles, steel fittings and glass filling. The fittings allow mechanical as well as automatically controlled movement.

  • anodized or powder coated aluminum profiles in any RAL color
  • toughened or safety glass, single or double glazing
  • aluminum or stainless steel fittings

Frame and door leaf installation depth


Window sash installation depth


Frame heights for windows and sites

45, 57, 74, 136 mm

The height of the door frame

69mm or 71mm

Glazing thickness in the frame and door


Maximum weight of an all-glass door leaf


Maximum weight of a standard leaf


Hinged door

surface hinges (e.g. WALA WX)
groove roller hinges (FAPIM Velox)

All-glass doors

steel or aluminum fittings as well as standard locks or locks with electric strike made by Dormakaba, CDA and GEZE
threshold solution - 8mm slot

Profile doors

single, three or five point locks
possible electric strikes and electric lock
threshold solution - aluminum threshold, threshold (seal) falling off, brush seal, 6mm gap without sealing

Automatic doors

engine (automat) of all brands available on the market (GEZE, Dorma, Beesam, ESCO, GU etc.)

Sliding doors

GEZE or CDA rail

Side hung windows

turn-tilt (RU), turn (R), tilt (U) and tilt-slide (PSK)
RC2 anti-burglary class
fittings operated by a handle or openers (OL90N)


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